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Term Dates for 2016

Term Name Opening Dates Closing Dates
First Term (1st) 4TH JANUARY 2016 8TH APRIL 2016
Second Term 2ND MAY 2016 5TH AUGUST 2016
Third Term 5TH SEPTEMBER 2016 18TH NOVEMBER 2016

Important Dates in Second Term

Event(s) Dates to be Noted
Opening Dates 3RD MAY 2016 (Before 4pm )
Form One Clinic Day 7TH MAY 2016
Education Day 21ST MAY 2016
Form Two Clinic Day 4TH JUNE 2016 (Starting 8:30am)
Mid-Term Break 30TH JUNE to 5th JULY 2016
AGM (Annual general Meeting) 24TH SEPTEMBER 2016